super rocket scientist author Olympia LePoint




Named the “Modern Day Hidden Figure” by
People Magazine and seen by nearly 1 Million
internet viewers on TED Talks and Impact
Theory, Olympia LePoint is an award-winning
rocket scientist, and talk show host who is
launching lives into success as she exposes how
she overcame painful experiences – from poverty,
gang violence, #MeToo childhood sexual abuse,
to failing math scores – to later help launch 28
NASA Space Shuttle missions into space within
her talk show “Answers Unleashed” and her new
book Answers Unleashed: The Science of
Unleashing Your Brain’s Power. LePoint delivers
powerful messages and entertaining sagas that
leaves readers glued to the pages while learning
science-based steps for launching lives into

Endorsed by world-renowned neuroscientist and author Jeffrey
Schwartz M.D. and retired NASA astronaut Robert Curbeam,
Answers Unleashed book shows audiences how LePoint used
brainpower-based -thoughts to unleash brainpower. Whether
the mental transformation be in business, university education
or self-help improvement, LePoint reveals how and when
chaotic “brainbrink” stalls the brain and how to jumpstart its
brainpower through self-directed thoughts. As a method to
explain how she transformed her own brainpower, LePoint
applied rocket science to her personal story as seen in the easy-
to-read thrilling chapters. Readers learn to take ownership over
redirecting their beliefs into overcoming fear and launching their
lives into success.
Hailed as “The New Einstein” by her "Answers Unleashed" talk
show fans, Olympia LePoint created the “Triabrian” and
“Triabrain Theory of Relativity” with her personal story and Albert Einstein’s equations to prove
that overcoming painful experiences and becoming a female genius is possible at any age.
LePoint’s Triabrain Theory was presented in TED- Like Talk hosted by California State University
Northridge in an Answers Unleashed LIVE show “Your Brain Master Class” in 2018. Answers

Unleashed helps individuals who have gone through challenging experiences to use their
memories to unleash a brainpower that launches their success.
Sample Talking Points About the Book:
 The “Triabrain” and how it helps in overcoming challenges
 What “Brainbrink” does in the brain of genius people
 Definition of a “Fractal Moment” of how one personal decision can improve
multiple lives
 Ways to use self-directed thoughts to remove stress for executive decision
 How to use your natural intuition as a part of your daily decision making
 Ways to create success by inventing new business products
 Daily exercises to increase brainpower – logic, expressive and inventive
Olympia LePoint, rocket scientist and author

Hailed the “New Einstein” by her fans and the
“Modern-day Hidden Figure” by PEOPLE
Magazine, award-winning rocket scientist and
author Olympia LePoint is changing lives with
her personal story. LePoint overcame
poverty, gang violence, and failing grades to
eventually launch 28 rocket missions to space.
Olympia is the author of Mathaphobia, a
book on how to overcome your fear of math
and is currently a popular college math
professor and motivational TED speaker. Her
newest book, Answers Unleashed, helps
audiences master their brain’s power to
change their lives from stalled into success.
Olympia’s highly popular TEDx talk, "Reprogramming Your Brain to Overcome Fear," has
garnered nearly 1M views worldwide. She hosts her own weekly radio program,
Answers Unleashed, and has appeared on NBC, CBS PBS, Impact Theory, and CW
network stations across the country with over 7 Million audience viewers. Her story was
recently featured in, Mashable Magazine, People Magazine, in news across Canada, on
the KTLA morning show in Los Angeles and on the cover of Voyage LA magazine in April
10, 2017. |