Susan Sparks-12-6-18


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About the Author
Susan Sparks is a SODA, a Survivor Of Domestic Abuse; and a classic example of the fact that
domestic violence and abuse is not limited by neighborhood or financial standing. She has
formed the SODA Fund, a charity dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence and abuse.
Susan is here today to tell a piece of her story and provide our listeners with a few tips for dealing
with domestic violence and abuse; because home should be a safe place for everyone.
Susan now counsels others to help them get out of dangerous situations. But for two decades,
Susan was a reporter and later a high-powered executive, and a mom; and at home, a
continuous victim of domestic abuse, who just thought that she was in a bad relationship. Six
years ago, Susan gathered the courage to break free from her abusive situation, sustaining both
physical injury and emotional scars that will last a lifetime.
About the Book
SPARKS IN LOVE is a survivor’s story that takes you behind closed doors and shows what
happens when you fall in love with the wrong person and ignore the warning signs.
Highlighting the signs of domestic abuse with stories from her own life, Sparks takes the
reader on a journey designed to expose both the subtle and overt aspects of abuse.
A cautionary tale to those entering relationships, as well as reassurance to those still
enmeshed in abusive relationships, the message is clear: there are safe ways out and life
after abuse. Each victim has the right to become a SODA™, a Survivor Of Domestic Abuse.
Eminently readable, poignant and informative, compelling and horrifying, SPARKS IN LOVE
is an inspirational telling of one woman’s story that becomes everywoman’s story; because
one in four women who become victims of domestic abuse. Sparks In Love is available at
Amazon and Barnes and Noble.