SWEET VICTORY: Biblical Game Show’s Amazing 1st Season Winner



TOPIC-SWEET VICTORY: Biblical Game Show’s Amazing 1st Season Winner

ABOUT CHRISTINA LEVASHEFF: Formerly a college administrator and instructor, Christina Levasheff’s life course changed with the loss of her son, Judson. She is the co-founder and executive director of Judson’s Legacy, a nonprofit organization focused on faith in suffering, and has authored the new book, Eyes That See: Judson’s Story of Hope in Suffering. With a BA in Communications and an MA in Education, both from Biola University, Christina is a candid speaker known for grappling with the challenges of living in a painful, broken world. She courageously lays her heart bare for others to journey with her through the heartache, questions, realizations and hope or her life experience. Her husband and team member on the show, Drake Levasheff, is a leader and teacher with deep biblical insight, and his endurance through suffering allows him to speak penetratingly to issues of faith and hope. He earned his MA in New Testament Studies from Talbot School of Theology and will complete his Ph.D. in Early Christian History from UCLA in early 2013. Drake is co-founder of Judson’s Legacy and serves in leadership at his church, while also working as a college administrator. ABOUT HER NEW BOOK, EYES THAT SEE: Eyes That See (with a foreword by best-selling author Emilie Barnes) uniquely allows the reader to enter Judson’s story as it actually unfolded, through a collection of journal entries and letters to family and friends. It is a heart-wrenching, yet inspiring, account of Christina’s journey as she cries out to God in heartache. The book, filled with laughter, tears and hope, is powerful and compelling and will challenge readers to view their own life and heartache from a new perspective.

Date Recorded: 11/1/2012

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