Swords of David Paperback – March 8, 2015 by Louis J. Feinstein (Author)


The S.O.D., code name for Swords of David Operation motivates an exciting and pulse racing series of escapades, taking the leading characters Antonio son of an olive oil king with dark and illustrious connection, Ziva his gorgeous sexy Turkish refugee girl friend, Benjamin, the Israeli Prime Minister’s former body guard and his lover, Françoise a Monégasque woman with a shadowy secret, into the world of European aristocracy, international society, and high stakes gambling casinos. Starting in Palm Beach Florida, the team travels to Monte Carlo and other locales along the French Riviera, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Italy, and Israel. The movie script adventures are breathtaking high risk encounters with potentially fatal outcomes. Nevertheless, with unexpected help from Turkish bandits the team returns home to Italy thinking their mission is completed only to be summoned back to Israel and given a new assignment. This time the fate of the world hangs in the balance. In the end good trumps evil: The team is triumphant, leaving the world free from the devastation of a nuclear incident.