Sylvia Lafair, Ph.D


Sylvia Lafair, Ph.D

TOPIC-Author Scores with GUTSY Women Retreat
White Haven, Pa. February 9, 2012 —Women leaders in business know the dilemma – too many demands on home front, as well as at work: how to juggle so everyone is happy and nothing crashes and burns?
Sylvia Lafair, PhD, author of award winning book “Don’t Bring It to Work”, knows the problem well.
With all the advances women have made in the business world, the demand to still be point person at home has not changed over the decades. In my executive coaching I still hear the complaint that there is never enough time for self-care” says Sylvia.
This response wasn’t good enough for Lafair, President of Creative Energy Options Inc., an award-winning leadership development company. She began to research the issues surrounding the fact that while much change has occurred for women in business, some patterns of behavior are still behind the curve.
Armed with data and determination, she developed the GUTSY WOMEN WEEKEND RETREAT to combine learning and leisure. Lafair has created what amounts to a women’s self-defense program, offering advice and information to help women get in touch with what they need to do to, in her words, “have self-care, be self-aware, and even more important, become pattern-aware of what women keep repeating from their past”.
The retreat begins on a Friday evening with a wine reception and sumptuous dinner and ends with brunch on Sunday morning, giving women in business the tips and tools to find a better work-life balance. The weekend combines education and entertainment along with opportunities for networking. There is time for massage, yoga, hiking or just relaxing, as well as a team building event to understand the power of collaboration.
One key aspect that sets this retreat apart is weaving new research about how men and women relate, addressing the complexities of contemporary life, at home and work.
Dr. Lafair, who morphed from a family therapist to a business leadership expert, is also a wife, mother, and grandmother. She has always been on the leading edge of change and her important ideas about how patterns of behavior are repeated from generation to generation until “we take that bull by the horns and dare to do it differently” have made her a sought after speaker.
Here is what women who have gone through previous GUTSY Women weekends have this to say:
GUTSY hits the spot. It’s what every business woman, actually what every woman needs now. In one weekend I was able to rethink, reclaim, and reinvent my priorities for work and home; in just ONE weekend! – Joanne LaMarca, Network TV Producer, New York
It was an incredible weekend. I got clarification about my next steps and was supported by an amazing group of women I had never met before. I learned about how my behavior patterns could be changed for the better. Take the leap and become GUTSY! – Liz Moore, Living by Nutrition, Sewell, NJ
The next GUTSY WEEKEND is April 13-15, 2012 at Dr. Lafair’s retreat center,, and those who attend will receive a copy of her new book “GUTSY: How Women Leaders Make Change” to be launched in March. For a brochure and registration materials please call 570-636-3858 or email or visit

Sylvia Lafair, Ph.D
Business Leadership Expert Optimizing Workplace Relationships, President CEO, Inc.Award winning Author of Don’t Bring It to Work
White Haven, Pennsylvania ·

Date Recorded: 9/17/2012

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