TAKING PUBLIC EDUCATION TO SCHOOL: Why Are More Parents Bringing Their Students Home?


TOPIC-Without question, there is a mood of discontent in America. But even among the most common, no-brainer big issues our political leaders perpetually fail to solve—the national debt, immigration, national security—there is one that still inexplicably remains in relative obscurity.

Public education.

But, nonetheless, such obscurity does not mean citizens aren’t fed up. It doesn’t even imply that they aren’t taking their children’s future in their own hands.

Mike McHugh and Pastor Calvin Lindstrom are senior staff members of the Christian Liberty Academy and they are available for interviews to discuss the quiet phenomenon that is the great migration to homeschooling underway across America.

Among other nuances of the subject, McHugh and Lindstrom are prepared and eager to address some of the facts clearly outlined in a fascinating article at The New American (see the link below), including:

• The fact that home education is still growing, and is here to stay.
• That the movement has been so successful, many state governments are now trying to develop their own home education courses or online programs in order to entice students to return to the fold.
• How the erosion of Constitutional government in the U.S. in recent decades, as well as the loss of numerous individual freedoms, has only served to motivate more Americans to seek out alternatives to the secular government school system.
• Yet another school year is about to begin, and now is the moment of truth when parents must decide whether to continue to permit their children to be brainwashed with political-correct nonsense…”

“Call Special Guests today to schedule an interview with educators who can explain why a growing number of parents are deciding to quietly proclaim a declaration of independence from government education and indoctrination.”


Michael McHugh has worked in the field of Christian home education for 30 years with the Christian Liberty Academy homeschool program based in Arlington Heights, Illinois. During his time on staff, Mr. McHugh has written several textbooks, as well as articles that seek to encourage families who are homeschooling. Over the years, Mike has also had the honor to speak frequently before homeschool groups throughout the U.S. and abroad.

As a homeschool father himself, Mike lives in the Chicago area with his wife and seven children. His family began its homeschool journey in 1988.


Calvin Lindstrom has been on staff with the Church of Christian Liberty and Academy, located in Arlington Heights, IL, for more than 10 years. During this period of time, Mr. Lindstrom has served as a teacher and guidance counselor.

As an ordained minister and graduate of the University of Illinois, Calvin has recently taken on a new calling as pastor of the Church of Christian Liberty. One of his chief passions is to encourage parents to provide their children with a comprehensive Christian education.

Rev. Lindstrom lives in the Chicago area with his wife and three children. Calvin and his wife have recently begun to teach their own children at home, and both of them attended Christian schools or home schools prior to attending college.

Date Recorded: 8/28/2012

Podcast of the interview Download:


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