Ted Miller – Cosmopolitan Lyricist


Guest Ted Miller – Cosmopolitan Lyricist

Ted Miller has been honored for his patriotic tributes to America by Congress, and he’s acquired accolades for his performances and patriotic endeavors everywhere. Now he’s released his first single off his new album “Kiss Me” (Besame) and making international headlines.

The video to the single has already acquired over 738,000 views on YouTube and growing. View it here http://youtu.be/gHt-cPO-ZBA

Ted is available to discuss his new CD set to release in the near future, and his hit single by answering these questions:

Describe your style of music?
What was the inspiration behind “Kiss Me” single?
Discussion of new album and a glimpse of what listener’s can expect.
What was it like to be honored by Congress for your patriotic tribute?

Meet Ted Miller

Cosmopolitan Lyricist
Recorded with the London Symphony Orchestra at London’s famed Abbey Road Studios
Honored in the United States Congress. First by Congresswoman, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Chairwoman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, for “A Tribute To America” and his service and dedication to our brave military men and women and veterans.
In 2007, he performed as part of the VA-NMMG series on Capitol Hill for Members of Congress and military veterans
Special guest performance for Gold Star Mother’s National Banquet singing his extraordinarily touching song “Red, White And Blue For Life,” to a standing ovation.
Date Recorded: 03/22/2012

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