The Devyl Nellys


The Devyl Nellys

TOPIC-Female Front Groovy Rock/Pop

Raised in households where a myriad of music was played and appreciated, from Pink Floyd to The Allmans and Chuck Berry to Joao Gilberto, it comes as no surprise these artists create such diverse tracks. All having been introduced to pianos and drums in the grade school years, they acquired their addictions early on to the creative process and performing craft. Through a series of mutual crossroads in the Catskills and New York while supporting others, Government Mule and The Violent Femmes, these musicians met and formed their own project The Devyl Nellys.

Gigs in music towns, parties and colleges across the US led to genre development and studio sessions at Retrophonics with Jim DeVito and Chapin Music Studios with Billy Chapin. Their distinct 60s bohemian rock style took shape after experimental jams in the loft and garage studios of songwriter Nelly Levon and guitarist James Mastro. Conflicting frustrations with mainstream art and life led to sharp lyrics that are frequently empathisized, and rarely sang. Like many contemporaries, they denied the urge to conform and pursued the independent route to showcase their arrangements. Recently, they’ve been heard on the festival scene, live venues, songwriter circles and across radio, television & film.

Past projects include contributions to…

Tribal Productions, Los Angeles CA, with NYU Tisch Gold Medal recipients and Sundance Film Festival (2008) winners Cary Lin and Mahesh Pailoor and on The Discovery Channel and The History Channel’s “Cities of the Underworld.”

Dalifey Films and Track Down Studios, Sydney AUS, on motion picture soundtrack “Dealing With Destiny” (2011) by Colm O’Murchu and Paul Condoleon.

Accolaides include selection as a GAP Born To Play Musician, LIVE At Best Buy Emerging Artist with live performances in NYC and East Coast stores. Their latest EP Skyline is landing these gypsy rockers on the radars of the alternative folk scene, identifying dark, low points in American living and culture while offering lyrics and laughs to help us all cope through it.

The Devyl Nellys’ music has been independently placed internationally thru Ingrooves and Universal Music. Check out live performances via Webster Hall and Huffington Post’s Groove On Grove Summer Stage. Live streaming available 24/7 via Jango, Pandora, Just Cool Sounds Chicago and Music To Go USA.

Date Recorded: 9/15/2012

SITE: Site

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