the dynamic young lady, Bo Lebo


_Listen HERE_______________________ Questions__________________________

1. First, tell us a bit about yourself and the
Wonderful Opportunities you are promoting this Fall…

2. What is going on with your student achievement project? What’s iit all about?

3. Who are you working with?

4. What kinds of opportunities involve our listeners?

5. What’s happening with the Wildfires? How can that help teachers ready their students for great academic skills and therefore use the news to prep them for better jobs?

6. Why would that help me relate better to weather, preparation, planning, even voting or safety in the next year?

7. Is GLOBE expensive for my school? For me? What can I do and where can I find how to participate?

8. What makes GLOBE so popular in so many kinds of school districts, countries, urban, rural and different grades at school?

9. Tell us about your students and the teacher comments? And what’s The Scrabble Book all about?

10. Tell us about how teachers, parents, principals and administrators can find you, the nonprofit New Education Options, or affordable childcare services in the West Valley, Los Angeles if they are moving to Southern California, Los Angeles?

11. What has changed since last we talked in your products, services or collaborations?

12. How does this help families get through the holidays having fun and being creative?

13. Does this work for post Halloween, Harvest festivals, or Christmas? Why?

14. Tell us about NASA data, the new drawing books, the firemen using state of the art projection and flight resources? And how can our listeners get
in touch with you?

Contact Bo Lebo 818-742-5099 to buy the Scrabble book by Robert Escalante or the Drawing books for teachers and classrooms from Ruthie Elliott Hilsdon.