The Galadria Trilogy Comes to a Thrilling End in the Supercharged Finale,


The Galadria Trilogy Comes to a Thrilling End in the Supercharged Finale,


In book three of Miguel Lopez de Leon’s Galadria fantasy series, GALADRIA: PETER HUDDLESTON &

THE KNIGHTS OF THE LEAF, Peter and his family command a mystical cast of powerful, exciting new

characters in their war against the blood-thirsty tyrant, Knor Shadowray.

Reviewers of book three of the GALADRIA trilogy praise the author’s stunning artistry and skill:

“A grand finish to a YA trilogy that never fails to challenge audience expectations.”–Kirkus Reviews

“With the close of his Galadria trilogy, Miguel Lopez de Leon packs battles, travel and adventure into a

story that’s ultimately about family ties.”–BlueInk Review

“Once again, the writing in this book is superb and the story is fast paced and action packed.”–SPR Review

In book one of the trilogy, GALADRIA: PETER HUDDLESTON & THE RITES OF PASSAGE, 12-year-

old Peter leaves his friendless, uneventful life in the suburbs and suddenly finds himself spending the

summer chomping down magical chocolates and tossing around an enchanted boomerang at Hillside Manor,

the 3000 room home of his aunt Gillian Willowbrook. While there, Peter learns he is the next in line to the

throne of a magnificent realm called Galadria where his aunt is queen. His position is being challenged by a

ruthless nobleman, Knor Shadowray.

Galadria: Peter Huddleston & The Knights of the Leaf -2


shows Peter struggling to play the role of a prince. After being accepted as the heir of the Golden Realm, his

new challenge is to gain command of Galadrian princely etiquette and survive dangerous adventures with

his fearless white tiger, Rune. At a parade held in his honor, Peter and his aunt are violently ambushed by a

band of screeching monstrosities and a merciless dark army led by the fiendish Knor Shadowray.

In the final book in the Galadria series, GALADRIA: PETER HUDDLESTON & THE KNIGHTS OF THE

LEAF, the story continues where book two left off: Knor Shadowray’s relentless attack on the ruling

Willowbrook family. In a desperate attempt to save her kingdom, Queen Gillian Willowbrook sends Peter

and his grandfather to the Forests of Fernell to recruit a multitude of diverse warriors to defend the crown.

Populated with serpent priestesses, nature-loving knights, magical weapons, paper-thin tree nymphs, and

political fairies, the final installment of the Galadria trilogy shows the Galadrian populace at their breaking

point as the realm explodes into a full-fledged civil war. A flurry of riotous battles are fought against the

villainous Knor Shadowray’s ambitious attempt to capture the crown of Galadria.

De Leon developed the GALADRIA series out of a love of the fantasy genre and the thrill of creating “new

worlds, creatures, and story lines…enhanced with magic and otherworldly mystery.” The trilogy also tells

the coming-of-age story of a boy as he learns to accept himself and discovers the family he never believed

he would have. “The Galadria trilogy is mainly about a lonely boy who, through overcoming obstacles,

finds out who he really is. I think everyone has an element of the extraordinary in them, and I hope Peter’s

story shows that,” de Leon says.

About the Author

Miguel Lopez de Leon is a prolific fiction writer with over 30 short stories published in a variety of

international literary magazines and anthologies. De Leon, who prefers to write in the mornings, began

working on his first novel as a hobby. That first book blossomed into the Galadria trilogy. “One part of the

writing process I really enjoy is writing the first draft of a novel…For me, it’s the time when you can lose

yourself in the story the most.” De Leon lives in Los Angeles and enjoys reading historical biographies and

collecting vintage comic books.