The Grid


Kathy Dean

The Grid

The Grid, is a comprehensive way to plug* someone into the 12-steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Alcoholics are dying all around us so we need to remember—these steps work. It’s a good solid approach to help those with the disease of alcoholism. Once you understand the process, you can plug* into this template anytime for a solution. *Plug into The Grid = putting your problems into the steps to find a solution. If you start at the beginning, and follow along, I promise to show you exactly how I was taken through the 12 steps in an afternoon. Like they did it in the old days. This book is a spiritual tool that anyone can use. No rules, no dogma. The truth will set you free. —The beauty of The Grid , it works. “Experience the paradigm shift that allows you to plug into the 12 steps within a few hours.”
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