the multi- talented Ron Zayas


Ron Zayas
With an impressive resume that includes executive titles at computer peripherals and
franchising corporations, Ron has an extensive background in marketing, sales and
technology strategies.
As founder and CEO of 360 BC Group, Ron built a successful marketing and
technology company from the group up, expanding to seven offices across the US. In
2010, the company added a new brand — 360Civic — to penetrate the market for
large websites for government organizations. 360Civic quickly grew to be a top-tier
competitor in this space, with some of the most prestigious clients.
Prior to 360 BC Group, he spent 10 years as the senior vice president and chief
marketing officer for the world’s largest franchisor of printing and small business
services, Franchise Services, Inc. Ron oversaw the development of the company’s
national advertising campaigns, marketing implementation and industry-leading
websites and ecommerce infrastructure.
Ron is a frequent speaker and presenter on issues ranging from the future of online
technology to how to protect the privacy of children and individuals on the Internet.
He has delivered presentations on these vital topics to the Federal Trade Commission
and the National Association of Attorneys General.
He is a consistent blogger and is the author of numerous books, including: SEO
Exposed, Beyond Search Engine Optimization: Bringing Profits to Your Website (with Bridget
DiRico), Optimize Your Results, Not Just Your Website (with William Tanner) and
Catching the Dollar: A Small Business Marketing Bible.
Ron’s latest book, Lessons from the Len Master (PostHill Publishing) is available in stores
and online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and wherever books are sold.
A licensed pilot and classic car enthusiast, Ron enjoys traveling the open roads and
skies around the world.