The Rejuvenation Solution: The Seven-Day Plan That Jump-Starts Ageless Health


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Who wouldn’t want to look and feel years younger than they are? Yes, aging is inevitable, but physical, mental and spiritual decline doesn’t have to be. Renowned physician Dr. Robert D. Willix, Jr., author of The Rejuvenation Solution: The Seven-Day Plan That Jump-Starts Ageless Health, combines cutting-edge science and proven holistic methods to target the 7 distinct causes of accelerated aging. His easy-to-follow plan can prevent disease and help anyone reclaim optimal health to look and feel years younger!


The Rejuvenation Solution: The Seven-Day Plan That Jump-Starts Ageless Health

Palm Beach, FL, September 17, 2019 ─ We all want to live long and healthy lives, retaining our vitality, strength, and flexibility into our seventies, eighties, and beyond. This revolutionary program has helped many people reclaim optimal health after doctors told them their diseases were “incurable;” it has reversed numerous chronic conditions and helped thousands of people look and feel a decade younger than their actual ages.

Renowned physician Dr. Robert Willix targets the 7 distinct causes of accelerated aging, sharing cutting-edge science from his work with thousands of patients. The key to turning back the clock is to combat the 7 causes of aging synergistically, with a combination of powerful anti-aging foods, supplements and exercises that strengthen your mind and body. By doing these things together, you will fight inflammation, keep your cells youthful, and activate your body’s anti-aging hormones.

With a 7-day rejuvenation plan to get you started, it’s easy to begin your journey to your best health today!

About Dr. Robert Willix, Jr.:

Robert D. Willix, Jr., MD, formerly a Board-Certified cardiac surgeon, pioneered the first open heart surgery program in South Dakota. With a passion for integrative healing, Dr. Willix traveled the world to study acupuncture, Ayurveda Medicine, and Shamanism. He is CEO of Enlightened Living Medicine and the Chief Medical Officer and Director of Energy Medicine at the world-famous Hippocrates Health Institute in Palm Beach, Florida.


The Rejuvenation Solution: Age in Reverse – 7 Proven Medical Breakthroughs That Prevent Disease and Make You Feel Years Younger.

While aging is inevitable, physical, mental, and spiritual decline doesn’t have to be. With a focus on prevention instead of prescriptions, of empowering the patient to discover the body’s own healing intellect, Dr. Willix offers a comprehensive plan that will completely revamp your health, making you look and feel years younger no matter what your age.

Dr. Willix goes in-depth into the 7 proven discoveries that stop accelerated aging. Anyone can remain disease-free, flexible, and full of energy at every age with this comprehensive blueprint that controls and reverses the 7 major causes of aging by working on them synergistically. The seven factors include:

Inflammabots. Body-wide inflammation is the source of nearly all diseases of aging, including heart disease, cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. Learn how to prevent and reverse inflammation with powerful inflammabots.

Telomerase Activators. Telomerase is The Energizer Bunny enzyme that keeps cells youthful. Discover how to keep your telomerase functioning optimally.

Hormone-Peptide Connection. Avoid age-related hormone decline by maintaining this delicate balance.

Geroprotectors: These are the next-generation antioxidants—learn how to harness them through foods and supplements.

The Muscle of Youth. Exercise is one the best anti-aging medicines if done correctly. Don’t waste hours on a machine—learn how proper exercises can activate and rev one of your body’s anti-aging genes.

Nutrition. Learn what foods and supplements can revitalize your body from the inside out ─ in visible and in medically measurable ways.

Stress Management. Discover simple yet powerful relaxation techniques that reduce stress and help you age in reverse.

The Rejuvenation Solution: The Seven-Day Plan That Jump-Starts Ageless Health
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