The Way Birds Are


The Way Birds Are

The Way Birds Are spawned on a winter day, while Chase and Silas were doing some recording for another project. The initial idea was to create a band/project that had depth. They wanted a project that can incorporate new, intelligent ideas for composition and progression in songs.

As the first songs developed, TWBA realized how much time and patience would be involved in every process of the music. A resolution was made to never compromise the process, no matter how long songs pan out to be, or how long composition, recording, and production times take.

TWBA gradually took on new members that were capable and had the same passion toward the project as a whole. Bill and Drake were added to TWBA to add more dimensions to the compositions. Both, at the time, were full time members of other projects. They both are now full time members of TWBA.

The last piece of the puzzle needed was a drummer. As Silas began the search, he found the missing piece in the first place he looked. Jeff was added as full time drummer immediately.

The completed members of TWBA kept progressing the idea of the project until it is what it is today… A creative media project with the main focus on music. The same process that is used for creating songs, is used for creating photos, videos, original pieces of art, short stories, poems, and whatever creative media is decided to be created in the future.

The name, “The Way Birds Are”, was created by Chase. The thought behind the name is; Birds have often been used as a symbol of freedom. We all want to be the way birds are, so free and open to go wherever they please, anytime they want. TWBA also feels that music, and any art in general, should be created and presented to society as free, open to spread and reach out to all who will enjoy the creation.
Silas Goss – Guitar, Programming, Audio Engineer
Rocky Chase Anderson – Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Bill Jones – Guitar, Keys, Audio Engineer​​
Drake Hocutt – Keys, Vocals, Guitar, Percussion​
Jeff Kuhn – ​Drums, Percussion, Keys, Audio Engineer

Date Recorded: 5/30/2012

SITE: Site

Podcast of the interview Download:


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