Tim… Britain’s fastest hypnotist.


“Tim Phizackerley is a UK based hypnotist,  teacher of hypnotism and hypnotherapy and also a mind coach.

He advertises as being Britain’s fastest hypnotist and does rapid interventions to help people with serious problems.

Tim has a diploma with distinction in clinical hypnotherapy. He has worked with the occasional celebrity, has an international client list and has also been featured in the national press and media.

He never intended to become a hypnotherapist and none of this was planned.
His interest in hypnosis began when his wife was dealing with a terminal illness and she was sent home to die.

Twenty years later  his wife is now a multiple transplantee and a very rare survivor of three terminal illnesses. Tim became a therapist fascinated by mindset and the role of emotions and beliefs in all of our outcomes.

As a hypnotist and therapist Tim likes to specialise in problems that other therapists either don’t want to work on or have otherwise failed with.
He enjoys helping people to realise their true value and huge potential and he mostly works on alcohol, addictions, and eating disorders. He was featured in the book “From Rock Bottom To Sober Forever: The story of how a hopeless alcoholic, resigned to an early death, found complete freedom from her addiction.”

His method for treating PTSD was recently tested  by neuroscientists in an published clinical study.
His fear of flying system is being offered through some of the UKs biggest airports. He has also created tools and methods which are being used in a number of UK schools to help children with mental health issues.

He says that hypnosis absolutely isn’t what you think it is…  and that  everyone should understand it.

Although he is now a professional hypnotist and therapist Tim believes that there are some exttemely serious problems in the world of hypnotherapy and anyone seeking hypnotherapy should be aware of them.

His website is www.britainsfastesthypnotist.com
Web site visitors can see generous therapy clients describe their own experience of being hypnotised super fast by Tim…  Britain’s fastest hypnotist. ”