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Marshall Dane Bio

Marshall Dane’s infectious blend of country and rock is set to blaze a trail in 2014.

Country by definition, but fueled by rock and roll and infected with a watermelon-sized

helping of hope, love and salvation, Marshall’s the kind of guy you want to have on your

side when the going gets tough in this world and his new album, One Of These Days is

Launched in May 2013, in time for last year’s CMAO Awards – for which he was

nominated in several categories including Male Artist and Album Of The Year – and

featuring the single and title track, “One Of These Days”, Canadian Country Artist

Marshall Dane’s latest album puts life back in to the swing of things, driven by a swirling

blast of fabulous melodies that gives you a country rush right from the get-go.

“One Of These Days’ is about how I deal with the curves life throws,” says Marshall.

“It’s not really about where I’ve been but more so about where I am now…where I

wanna go…and how I’m gonna get there, wherever ‘there’ is.“

One of These Days, recently #1 on the Roots Music Report Pop Country chart,

has country in its veins, topped up with doses of rock, pop and a side helping of soul.

The album has earned Marshall two more CMAO Award Nominations in 2014 and 3

Independent Country Music Association Award Nominations. Recorded in London,

Ontario in June of 2012, One Of These Days is the follow-up to Marshall’s successful

Running Stop Signs, released in 2010. This latest collection is never far away from a

radio-friendly corner, whether it’s the thrill of “Living It Up” or the reflective energy of

“How Do I Get There From Her,” or the rollicking new single, “Alcohol Abuse,” which

reached #1 on the New Music Weekly country internet chart, and #60 on the Music Row

Born in Southern Ontario, Marshall grazed on a rich fix of music, from the country

sounds of his preacher dad – “He first taught me how to play “The Farmer’s Song” on

guitar” – through his mum – in his own words the strongest, toughest, hardest working

woman he’s ever met – who played piano in the evenings to his four sisters and two

brothers and through his own musical discoveries from John Denver to Michael Jackson

– “Thriller was the first album I bought, on cassette!”

Playing in bars and clubs as a solo singer and with a touring band – has given him

his fair share of stories and insights – great for writing songs. He has opened for Alan

Jackson and Emerson Drive, played at the 2011 CCMA Awards and toured on his

own. On days off however, he prefers to spend his time out of the bar – in the gym,

on his motorcycle, practicing yoga or at home in his apartment “cooking up something

scrumptious.” But when it comes to cooking up a tune, Marshall admits there is one

source of soul-nourishment that keeps on giving:

“More and more I find the influences of my parents’ spiritual upbringing permeating

my writing. Mostly the positive stuff like hope, and love, and kindness….you know – the

It is that sentiment that has led Marshall to give back to causes nearest to his heart:

Stop A Bully fundraisers, Breast Cancer Awareness, Juvenile diabetes research, and

Children’s Make A Wish foundation, as well as helping with ALS research.


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