Tips and Tricks for Making Dental Hygiene Fun and Easy for Little Ones


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Kareen Wilson is a manager and patient therapist at Contemporary General Dentistry in West Hartford, CT. After spending over twenty years in educating and providing direct patient care, Mrs. Wilson also contributes editorial articles and media presentations to national TV shows, local new magazines and national trade shows.

She is a co-founder and sits of the board of Bethesda Medical Mission. Inc. a non-profit organization that provided medical and dental care with compassion to the global community. Kareen is passionate about woman and children health and human rights. She is a board member of the CDA and member of the ADHA and CDHA.

She is an adventure connoisseur and enjoys long distance running, skiing, mountain climbing, traveling and raising two amazing girls, Bryana and Kierra. She is also into anything that helps people live healthy and satisfying lives.

Kareen holds a BS degree in dental hygiene from Loma Linda University.

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