Today’s National Day of Prayer is critical!


Dr. Alex McFarland is a religion and culture expert, author, broadcaster, college professor and speaker. Founder of Truth for a New Generation.

This Year’s National Day of Prayer Is Critical.
The pandemic has made this observance more urgent and more potentially powerful than ever for the National Day of Prayer 2020 (NDP). “Unprecedented times call for unprecedented prayer,” says Alex McFarland.


Discovering compassion and gratitude amidst this Pandemic season.
How does that ‘Moral Law’ impact our lives in 2020? Moral law lies in the hearts of all people. We know not to lie, steal and kill.
How can we as a divided culture find unity?
Has the Government gone to far targeting the church? Is it time to push back? Churches have willingly closed their doors—while still doing Kingdom work in many amazing ways—in order to help with efforts to stop COVID-19. Yet, in many places, churches have also been targets for religious discrimination in the midst of the hodgepodge of regulations surrounding states and cities.
Why might people believe that Scriptural promises/warnings about the “end of days” be close at hand? What will be some of the precursors to Jesus’ return?
Alex McFarland is an Apologetics Ministry Strategist! He answers the most common objections to Christianity.
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More than ever people are asking, “Will Christ Return in our lifetime?”
Written by Religion Culture Expert Author Alex McFarland
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As the COVID19 situation has enveloped the globe, and as the impact on all of our lives has ranged from hours not worked, wages lost, to increasing shortages at the grocery, anxiety is only growing. People are scared, economies are crumbling, and many rightly wonder, “Just how permanent will be the loss of civil liberties COVID19 is creating?” Online and on-air, our organization is daily getting numerous inquiries about how close humanity might be to the end times, and specifically, to the return of Christ.

Why might people believe that Scriptural promises/warnings about the “end of days” be close at hand? What will be some of the precursors to Jesus’ return?

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President Trump Just Proved That He Gets It

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