Todd Scarbough


BODY BUILDERS – TAKE NOTE!! And anyone else ready to learn!! Here is what Todd Scarborough

5 time Mr. Arkansas Body Building Champion has to say about Health And Wisdom’s Magnesium Oil!

  Being in the Natural Products Industry for 24 years, I was intrigued by the fact that there was a product that I had never heard of. When I first heard of Magnesium Oil a few months ago, I thought that there was no way that there could be an oil form of a mineral. Then after doing the research, I quickly realized that in reality it’s simply a mineral salt, in a 30% concentration, suspended in a liquid solution.
   Knowing through experience the importance of magnesium as a macro mineral supplement for the body, coupled with the fact that applying the [Health And Wisdom’s] Magnesium Oil directly to the skin it by-passes the gut all together, kicked my mind into high gear.
   As an athlete, I start using the product daily on the body parts that I had worked that day and was amazed at the difference it made in recovery time, sleep and injuries. I start turning other athletes onto the product and they all were very impressed at the difference that it made. Athletes are the best ‘test dummies’ for any product. If it works for an athlete, it will work for the average person. I personally feel that magnesium is one of the most important supplement that we could take, however, from my experience very few assimilate it well through the intestinal tract. Topical Magnesium Oil is the best way to deliver this mineral into the system. I highly recommend the product to the 87% of the population that is magnesium deficient.

Todd Scarborough
5 time Mr. Arkansas Body Building Champion and we are very excited to welcome Todd to our staff as our National Sales Manager!
CONGRATULATIONS TODD!! for your FIFTH Mr. Arkansas State Title by winning the Masters Division. Todd also won the award for Most Muscular Male and his weight class in the Open.
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