Top "Hot" Items This Holiday Season


Top “Hot” Items This Holiday Season Cyber Monday survey reveals most common, and some of the most bizarre, recovered and seized items fromover 2,700 police departments nationwide WHAT: TELEPHONE INTERVIEWS AVAILABLE, 5- to 8-minutes each WHO: P.J. Bellomo, CEO of WHEN : Monday, November 26th, 2012; 8-11am ET WHY: A coffin, toilet paper, a waterslide and even a prosthetic leg. Not what you may expect to find in the evidence room of your local police department, but according to a new survey, these are indeed among the more interesting items to be recovered and seized by police., the online auction site founded by a former police officer which provides online auction services to law enforcement agencies and police departments nationwide, is releasing a new survey in time for Cyber Monday 2012 which shows the top ten “hot” or recovered items from property and evidence rooms nationwide. Property Room auctions goods seized during raids, forfeited by criminals, or unclaimed by the original owners. Working with 2,800 police departments, municipalities, airports, museums and aquariums, Property Room streamlines the auction process by cataloging the unclaimed property, refurbishing it if needed, performing the authentication process, auctioning it and delivering it to the successful bidder. They return a portion of the proceeds where it can benefit a host of community programs and initiatives. To date, more than $46 million in proceeds have been returned to the communities. According to the Cyber Monday survey, the top ten recovered items nationally are: 1) bicycles, 2) power tools, 3) gold jewelry, 4) laptops, 5) hunting equipment, 6) cell phones, 7) small electronics and Apple products, 8) decorative weapons, 9) lawn mowers, 10) small boats. With the usual bicycles, power tools, gold jewelry and laptops leading the charge nationally, it’s the regional breakdown that proves interesting: in the Northeast, it’s fashion items and watches, while the South boasts automotive parts and scooters, the Midwest tends to contribute the most gun cases, ATVs and dirt bikes while the West has digital cameras and ski equipment.
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