TOPIC-Countrywide Loans Offered to Congress


Stuart Vener

TOPIC-Countrywide Loans Offered to Congress

Guest Opportunity: Stuart Vener, National Real Estate and Mortgage Expert as seen on FOX News

The House of Representative Oversight and Government Reform has released a report that reveals that preferential treatment was given to members of Congress and their staff members by Countrywide.

Countrywide Mortgages and the housing crisis are synonymous and now the Oversight committee has disclosed that discounted loans were offered by the defunct mortgage extremity of Bank of America in exchange for influence inside Washington D.C.

“The Committee’s investigation found Countrywide lobbyists and CEO Angelo Mozilo used discounted loans as a tool to ingratiate itself with policymakers in an effort to benefit the company’s business interests,” Darrell Issa, Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, said in a release Thursday.

Meet Stuart Vener

National Real Estate and Mortgage Expert
A pioneer in the “Second-Chance” property program which assisted thousands of satisfied clients walk away from upside down, negative equity, properties.
Stuart Vener is a Director of Community Housing and Development Corp., a charity that has provided over $100 million in down payment gifts for buyers.
Called upon by radio and television as an expert on Real Estate and Mortgages Consulted Morris Shenker, CEO of the Dunes Hotel
Consulted Noah Dietrich, partner to Howard Hughes

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