TOPIC- New blood test can detect breast cancer 5 years before lumps appear!


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Researchers at the University of Nottingham say they have developed tests that predict cancer tumour years in advance. In a pilot study the scientists took blood samples from 90 breast cancer patients at the time they were diagnosed. They matched them with samples taken from a control group of 90 cancer-free patients. The scientists found autoantibodies against a number of TAAs could be detected up to five years before any clinical signs of the tumor. The test, which identifies the body’s immune response to proteins produced by cancer cells, could be commercially available in four years. “Other cancer experts have said the research is “promising,” but more work is needed before the test is approved to be used to screen for early breast cancer,” said Al Sanchez, Jr., president of AMARC Enterprises. Until that approval happens people with cancer still have options today.

GUEST BIO: Al Sanchez
After losing his mother, sister, and maternal grandmother to colon cancer, Al committed to joining his family, friends and colleagues in the quest to find better options, access to information, treatments – and ultimately a cure for those stricken with cancer and other health challenges. Al speaks at health conferences throughout the world. Al Sanchez, Jr. has worn many hats over the years, including college instructor, researcher, and entrepreneur, and is the current president of AMARC Enterprises a distributor of Lipoic Acid Mineral Complexes, also known as Poly-MVA.