Topic: Walmart Ends Sales of e-Cigarettes and Tobacco Products but Refuses to Ban Sale of Far more Dangerous Inhalant


Walmart Ends Sales of e-Cigarettes and Tobacco Products but Refuses to Ban Sale of Far more Dangerous Inhalant

Walmart just banned the sale of all handguns and tobacco products including vaping products, but for some inexplicable reason, they refuse to ban the sale of far more dangerous inhalants used in the latest and deadly ‘huffing’ craze.

‘Canned air,’ is a silent killer popularized on the Internet misused in practice known as ‘huffing’. Recently a teen girl reportedly walked into a Walmart store numerous times to get additional canned air to huff in her car in the Walmart parking lot. Finally, she stumbled into the store delirious and naked, seeking one last fix. Soon after, she died.

And even for those who don’t die from the misuse of huffing Walmart’s ‘canned air’ product, it is unknown how many people might suffer health problems from the intended use of the canned air designed for cleaning computer keyboards.

Discussing this topic is John Scherer, the Video Professor who three decades ago taught us how to use computer software and today he’s going to teach us how not to use canned air for cleaning dust out of our computer keyboards, but instead to safely use compressed room air.


1. John, Walmart has discontinued tobacco inhalants in the form of paper cigarettes and vaping products, but you say that’s not enough. You want them to ban the sale of canned air. Tell us, what is wrong with canned air. It certainly can’t be more dangerous than some of these additives used in vaping, can it?
Answer: Sorry to say, the toxic chemicals in canned air are far more dangerous when inhaled than vaping.

2. You have a horror story or two to tell us about Walmart continuing to sell canned air. Tell us about that.
Answer: Walmart sold dozens of cans of canned air to a young woman who was so high on that product that she actually walked into the store naked to get another fix by huffing canned air.

3. Didn’t the Walmart staff notice something was wrong and put two-and-two together to realize she was delirious from breathing the chemicals in their canned air?
Answer: Of course, they had to notice something was wrong, but they kept selling more product, but I suppose they expect us to breathe easier knowing they didn’t sell her a gun or an e-cigarette.

4. What is canned air supposed to be used for when not being misused by huffers?
Answer: Cleaning computer keyboards and other electronics.

5. What are the dangers of using Canned Air? Is it limited to just breathing it? And what exactly is in it?
Answer: Exploding, fire, inhaling the fumes, bad for the environment, and can cause death if inhaled by ‘huffers.’ The dangers for canned air clearly marked on their label yet not taken seriously enough by some young people who get a temporary high by huffing yet get permanent brain damage and sometimes die.

6. Is there a safe, effective alternative to canned air to clean computer keyboards?
Answer: Yes. Canless air. It is simply pressurized room air and just as safe as the air in your room.

7. What are the advantages of using Canless air instead of canned air?
Answer: Rechargeable like your cell phone, safe for people and the environment, uses the air in the room, no chemicals, one canless air unit replaces over 2500 cans of dangerous canned air. So many more.

8. Where may we get more information about canless air and where is it available?
Answer: All the info anyone needs is at or call 800-945-6498

9. John, before you go, just how many copies of the video professor tutorials did you sell since 1987 when you first launched your videos one-third of a century ago?
Answer: Many millions. Roughly a billion dollars in non-toxic computer software tutorials.

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John Scherer founded The Video Professor company in 1987. Addition to his innovations in technology and computer app tutorials, John is one of the most recognized and sought-after direct marketing professionals in the country. John has launched many new products, driven almost a billion dollars in sales, developed some of the most memorable marketing campaigns, and created one of the country’s most recognizable brands. Today he is on a new mission, to sound the alarm against one of the most dangerous products on retail shelves today: Canned Air that has many young people addicted to it in the form of ‘huffing.’