Tresa McAlhaney


Tresa McAlhaney

Tresa McAlhaney is a lifelong Kansan. Born in Topeka and currently living in Bonner Springs, she got into politics while on the path of “being the change” she wanted to see in the world. Over the last two years, she has volunteered for the Libertarian Party of Kansas (LPKS), serving as campus coordinator for the Gary Johnson presidential campaign, and creating and serving as the Chair of the Wyandotte County LPKS group. She has experienced how government works at the local and state levels when working as an activist to re-legalize cannabis (hemp), supporting second amendment rights, and through challenges she has faced trying to buy food from local farmers. She served as Vice President of the HOA board at her previous residence at Sarcoxie Lake in Linwood, Kansas, where she led a project rebuilding the lake’s dam when state inspection standards changed and the residents were suddenly faced with enormous repair costs. She is passionate about improving the current school system in Kansas to give more choice and control to parents and empower the ability to make change at the school board level. She is passionate about preserving Kansas farming lands and heritage, keeping farmers in secure and profitable business. McAlhaney is confident that there is interest and support for fresh political representation and hopes to lead a revolution toward fairness and sustainability. McAlhaney graduated from Lawrence High School in 1998 and worked while attending Johnson County Community College, earning a liberal arts degree in 2003. She has worked in retail sales and management, as a waitress, cook, restaurant manager, nanny, and substitute teacher. She has served in leadership positions including high school band assistant drum major, vice president of a homeowners association board, and Wyandotte County Chair for the Libertarian Party of Kansas. She is married to her high school sweetheart, Michael, who served as an army medic in the Iraq War and now works in Veteran’s Affairs at the VA Hospital in Leavenworth. They have four children, ranging from six months to seven years of age.
Date Recorded: 10/24/2013

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