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About Tyler
Hi, my name is Tyler Ransom, I was born in Feb. 2001 in Chicago, my sister, Skylar was born in October 2003. When I was two and I came back from a vacation in Texas, where my grandparents live, my dad and mom noticed that my face looked fat and my eyes were puffy all around. My dad drove me straight to the emergency room.
That’s when my sickness, aka: the kidney problem began. There are two kinds of kidney problems that I know about, FSGS and the Nephrotic Syndrome. I have the Nephrotic Syndrome. What happens is my kidneys aren’t working properly, it’s when they let the good stuff in my body out (protein) it comes out in my urine also known as my pee.

Luckily there is a non-profit organization trying to find a way to find a cure to my sickness and the FSGS. Oh yes, the FSGS is worse than what I have it is like scarring on the kidney.

That organization is called the Nephcure Foundation. The Nephcure Foundation is a group of doctors and experts trying to find a cure for the kidney problems. I am nine years old now and I take groups of medicine and vitamins and I eat only healthy foods.
I like math and I am the school secretary. I do my Tito Page’s YRG when I have time and I also like Jiu Jitsu my teachers name is Ryron Gracie and he is the best in the world. I use to like baseball, but I don’t want to go through the small leagues. I almost forgot to tell you about my favorite site on the computer, Club Penguin, I am the biggest fan of Club Penguin.

In the future I want to be the worlds best inventor and I know that having the kidney problem isn’t going to stop me.

Thanks to everyone who is donating on my site it will help not only me but also a ton of other kids and adults surviving the sickness I have. You are helping finding a cure for the Nephrotic Syndrome and the FSGS.

Thank you,
Tyler Ransom

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