Unique, rare book explores what men reflect on in their late night thoughts


Unequaled, Rare Book, A MAN’S LATE NIGHT THOUGHTS, Shares The

Wisdom Gained From A Lifetime Of Living
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A MAN’S LATE NIGHT THOUGHTS by J. Richman is a creative and life-affirming collection of
ponderings that expose the deep thoughts and feelings of a man who has lived a life full of
diverse experiences and challenges. This uniquely constructed compilation of more than 300
reflections focuses on several areas of living, including intimate relationships and acceptance of
human frailty, as well as the author’s internal conflicts.
A MAN’S LATE NIGHT THOUGHTS homes in on the complications inherent in intimate
relationships from the opening pages of the book: “Problems accrue when we confuse how a
woman looks with who she is.” Richman brings the perspective of a mature man to the lessons
on love presented in the book, including, “Exploitation of another depreciates both parties,” and
“The reason we fall in love with flawed people is that that’s the only kind of people there are.”
In addition to offering a brief study of intimate relationships, A MAN’S LATE NIGHT
THOUGHTS probes human frailty and offers readers guidance in accepting this fact. “We must
learn to be strong enough to be gentle,” brings into focus the need to deliberately work at treating
people well. The author also encourages readers to show self-compassion when dealing with
their own baggage: “Sometimes it’s difficult to see beyond the wreckage of our lives, but we
must! Take heart! We are more than our mistakes.”

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In A MAN’S LATE NIGHT THOUGHTS, Richman further challenges readers to take the reins of
their lives when he says, “Name those things that you would do if you had no fear then do
something about it.” He offers words of caution regarding political rhetoric: “Beware of
politicians who whip up emotions to make us suspicious of others unlike us.” And rounds the
book out by sharing his internal conflicts: “The world has bent me more than I have bent it”; “too
often my logical mind and my emotional mind are hostile enemies”; “every time I look in the
mirror, I expect to see a younger man.”
A MAN’S LATE NIGHT THOUGHTS began as a series of notes that Richman wrote to himself.
“I found that if I do not write out my true, and often painful, thoughts and feelings, I do not deal
with them.” Richman wishes a book like this one had been available when he was a boy because
the knowledge enclosed could have assisted him in navigating his teenage and young adult years.
He hopes A MAN’S LATE NIGHT THOUGHTS will assure men that they are not alone in their
quiet musings. For women, Richman believes the book will provide a window into men’s
unexpressed emotions.
About the Author
J. Richman is the author of A MAN’S LATE NIGHT THOUGHTS, a collection of thoughts about
life, relationships, and humanity.
Richman’s work history includes his service as an undercover intelligence officer in the US Air
Force; later, he established a thriving business in real estate investment. For 16 years, Richman
owned and operated Modify My Mortgage, a company that worked with homeowners to prevent
foreclosures. His business success allowed Richman the time to pursue his passions, which
included serving as the president of Nova, a workshop that provided work and life skills training
for clients with disabilities; cofounding A Way Across, a drop-in center for teenagers with
emotional and substance abuse problems; and fundraising for several more public service groups.
Richman enjoys writing and editing at night after allowing his ideas to blossom and expand
during the day. The author is married with three sons and five grandsons.

Book Title
356 pages
Hardcover, $33.00; ISBN: 978-1645301301
Publication date: October 2019
Published by Dorrance Publishing Company
Available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble