Unpredictable, Unconventional and Unbelievable: Introducing Lux by Doug Frates Glass


Unpredictable, Unconventional and Unbelievable: Introducing Lux by Doug Frates Glass

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In a breathtakingly lavish convergence of precious metals, high-end granites and swirling glass comes Lux phase one—the spectacular and sumptuous new line from Doug Frates Glass. Designed for those with exclusive taste, Lux is a testament to creative freedom using basic fundamentals to create wildly one-of-a-kind pieces remarkable in their opulence, artisanship and unique crafting processes. Stunning enough to crown a room and dramatic enough to impact an audience, Lux provides high-end, irreplaceable and splendidly beautiful varieties that can never be duplicated and never be matched.

“We are constantly striving to be unique, different and ahead of the game when it comes to home decor,” Frates said. “The neat part about this is how far ahead you can be! We enjoy having fun [with our projects] as well as being allowed to be creative.”

Introducing this elite line in several phases and beginning with table top creations perfect for offices and entry ways, Lux promises a spectacular meeting of taste, materials and expert craftsmanship.

With a passion and eye for interior design, Doug Frates is the cutting edge in glass design and creates stunning pieces known for their unique and difficult-to-achieve patterns and forms. Doug Frates Glass takes inspiration from the past while forging a new future of liquid form and vibrant color to maximize and enhance the beauty of any room and meet the needs of any design plan.

Nationally and internationally known for unique work, Doug Frates Glass has consistently won awards including “Best in Glass” at the Tulsa International May Fest, Best in Show at the Panopoly Fine Arts Festival and many more. Doug Frates pieces have also been featured in industry publications including Glass Art Today (listed as one of the world’s 130 best glass artists), and Best of Worldwide Glass Artist.