Vanessa Leigh Hoffman 12/22/2015


Vanessa Leigh Hoffman’s Southern California Book Festival and Hollywood Book Festival award-winning novel Treasure: A Trilogy is a globe-spanning tale that explores greed, deception, and power. Treasure tells the story of twin boys who are orphaned and separated at birth. It traces the lives of the two brothers as their paths grow closer together over time, the result of years of questionable decisions and a complex series of encounters with fascinating characters: Irish Mafia bosses, criminals in league with Jihadists, the privileged, the innocent, the ordinary.
Through her fast-paced political psychological thriller, Vanessa challenges readers to ask critical questions about how our lives are shaped: Are our important life decisions the product of how we were raised by our parents? Or are they more heavily influenced by the instinct to survive? And once we make unethical choices, do we rationalize them and ignore any feelings of guilt? Ultimately, will we pay for our bad decisions, or will we skate through life, able to ignore the damage done to others?
Vanessa is able to provide insight into these questions as well as the following:
· Her real life encounter with President Kennedy’s former chef, the mysterious man who inspired the trilogy

· How her two main characters’ lives finally intersected, despite their drastically different circumstances

· Her character’s dangerous secrets and the impacts of lies and deception in the real world

· Overcoming a medical team’s prediction she would never walk, talk, read or write again following a serious car accident – and instead becoming a singer-songwriter and author fluent in four languages

· Her music career in L.A., New York, and Memphis, tales of celebrity encounters, and stories about the famous friends she made along the way

Vanessa Leigh Hoffman is the author of Rear View Mirror, Silk Road to Atlantis, and Subrafuge, the three stories that inspired Treasure. After her music career, Vanessa opened a tour and travel agency, earned a degree in Romance Languages from the University of Memphis, and became a language teacher. She has also been a food and wine consultant and a sommelier. Vanessa is a 30+ year cancer survivor and a percentage of each book sale will go to St. Jude.