Vicki Southard


Vicki Southard

At an early age I discovered if you want people to know about something, you have to spread the word. And when I figured out how to get others talking, I realized it wasn’t difficult – in fact it was fun. So, with my future goal of being the best publicist ever, off I went to develop the skills I would need. From the high-tech industries of Silicon Valley to the corporate halls of New York City, I learned the ‘publicity ropes’. In 1993 I created The PR Group with the idea that communication is king, because any business survives based on its ability to communicate. At The PR Group we use good communication combined with the art of publicity to reach the media, and we’ve been successfully booking clients since 1993. We have scheduled guests on every network and every show possible. We’ve booked over 35,000 radio and TV shows – and some shows have aired more than once or have been syndicated in multiple markets, making the number well over 100,000. We do the same with magazine and newspaper placements –getting unheard of amounts of articles, write-ups and mentions. Clearly, we’re not a PR agency that sits around waiting for the media to come to us. We have strong working relationships with major media outlets. We know who to contact to get you a publicity campaign that gets results. Most importantly, you don’t pay for our time; you only pay for the placements we get. In addition to getting my clients well known, I also enjoy the art of parallel parking in small spaces, and hot tea with cream and honey. With a husband, 2 teens, and a few animals, I’ve learned to excel at the fine art of multi-tasking. When I’m not in the office, you can find me testing my very own anti-wrinkle creams. If you’ve got a product, an idea, or a persona that needs massive amounts of attention – then you’ve come to the right place. Date Recorded: 9/5/2012

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