Vince Genna


Vince Genna

Vincent Genna, MSW Bio After experiencing a traumatic and painful youth of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, Vincent left home at 17 and became a professional actor and singer. His career includes performances in various major television, musical theatre, and movie productions, such as the original movie “Grease” with John Travolta and Olivia Newton John. At 28, he experienced a profound spiritual awakening that altered his entire life and destiny. He developed extraordinary paranormal abilities, and knew he was ordained to heal lives. Vincent studied with spiritual masters, as well as obtained a BA in Psychology and Masters in Clinical Social Work. He is an internationally renowned Psychic Medium and Spiritual Teacher. Vincent is a metaphysician, working with individuals and groups by in-tuning to their soul, angels, and God to obtain guiding messages he uses to help them recognize and clear blockages that are stopping them from connecting to their highest selves. Through this, he empowers you to heal concerns of body, mind, and spirit. His work has been featured on national and international television, FM radio, Australian Radio, and in national magazine publications. Not only is Vincent a gifted spiritual leader, he has the remarkable ability to instill incredible self-belief and to empower you to use all your Divine gifts to fulfill your dreams and create the life you want.
Date Recorded: 3/7/2013

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