Violeta Barrett


Violetta Barrett

author of “First Love” Violeta Barrett has always written stories since she learned to write at the age of four. Subsequent to a forty-two year career in both the public and private sectors, Barrett, a Brooklyn transplant of Italian ancestry, moved from Canada to Ft. Myers, Florida, after her husband’s death in 1993, where she resides today. She was encouraged to write a story on reinventing her life, which was published in an anthology of stories called Beyond Coping. A Valentine love letter she wrote on a whim won a prize and was published in her local newspaper. She began writing articles for a political newsletter soon after, eventually becoming its co-editor. Barrett attended the N.Y. Institute of Finance and graduated from the American Institute of Banking, The Institute of Children’s Literature and York University in Toronto, where she earned a B.A. in Humanities—Religious Studies and Sociology at the age of sixty-one. Her passions are classical music, writing, reading, travel, photography…and love.
Date Recorded: 8/5/2013

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