Vladimir Putin Says There’s Only One Reason The U.S. Has Failed To Destroy ISIS: Obama Is Using Them As A Proxy Army Against Assad


About Ted:


Theodore Shoebat is the son of Walid Shoebat, a former PLO terrorist. At age
16, Theodore released his first book In Satan’s Footsteps, which has been
followed up with, For God or For Tyranny, available now. Ted grew up in the
U.S., in Northern California, attending the public school system. Because of
his conservative and religious upbringing, he often struggled with his
teachers and fellow students. He personally witnessed Holocaust denial,
anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism in the schools and his defense of Israel and
the Jewish people made him a victim of ridicule and mockery.

At such a young age, Theodore was inspired due to challenges and
frustrations he faced from public schools he attended. Not only was he
bombarded with criticism for his conservative and religious beliefs, but
they also attempted to squelch his expression by labeling him with a
psychological condition known as Asberger’s syndrome.

Though the educational community thought it a stigma, Theodore took it with
pride, since it is said that Bill Gates and Albert Einstein were also
diagnosed with Asberger’s, a personality that includes such positive human
behaviors as loyalty, honesty and bluntness. Theodore is the primary
contributor for this amazing work of research and polemic-For God or For
Tyranny. It is a timely work, based on the current state of our nation and
the pivot point in the direction that America might take. What is even more
amazing is Theodore Shoebat was only 18 years old when this, his second
book, went into publication.