W.C. Reed – 582020


About W.C. Reed William Craig Reed is the NYT best selling author of the non-fiction book Red November: Inside the Secret U.S. â?? Soviet Submarine War (HarperCollins, 2010) and The Eagle and the Snake: A SEAL Team Six Interactive Thriller. Reed is also the co-author of Tarzan, My Father with the late Johnny Weissmuller, Jr. Underwriting his fiction, Reed served as a U.S. Navy diver and submariner and earned commendations for completing secret missions during the Cold War, several in concert with Navy SEAL teams. Reed is the only author invited by the U.S. Navy to observe recent ICEX operations in the Arctic. He currently serves on the board of directors of Us4Warriors Veterans Support Foundation in San Diego, CA. When not writing, Reed is a partner in Aventi Groupâ??a technology marketing consulting firm with clients that include Apple, Adobe, HP, SAP, and VMware. Reed holds an MBA in Marketing and was a former vice president and board director for the Silicon Valley American Marketing Association. He also founded two software companies and developed an innovative mobile device app (called PIERappTM) that automatically customizes e-book content based on a readerâ??s personal preferences and selections.