Wall Street’s Plan To Control America’s Natural Resources


The Epoch Times’ Kevin Stocklin discusses his new article about the plan to create Natural Asset Companies (NACs), which would buy rights to control America’s natural resources.

Wall Street may have figured out a way to push for the Green New Deal while making a profit. But not everyone seems to be on board with this plan.

In a new piece for The Epoch Times, senior investigative reporter Kevin Stocklin discusses how The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is working alongside the Intrinsic Exchange Group (IEG) to set up Natural Asset Companies, or NACs for short. The goal of NACs is to buy the rights to public and private lands and then manage them for “sustainability.”

The NYSE filing with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) states that “investors still express an unmet need for efficient, pure-play exposure to nature and climate. Ending the overconsumption of and underinvestment in nature requires bringing natural assets into the financial mainstream.”

The filing continues, “Healthy ecosystems produce clean air and water, foster biodiversity, regulate the climate, and provide the food on which our existence depends. These and other benefits derived from ecosystems are called ecosystem services, and in the aggregate, economists estimate their value at more than US$100 trillion dollars per year.”

But not everyone sees this as a positive. Rep. Harriet Hageman (R-Wyo.) calls it “just a sneaky way to allow very wealthy people to control even more of our natural resources.”

“It is an effort to impose another layer of control, and to securitize our national parks, our national forest lands, and some private properties throughout the entire United States,” Rep. Hageman states.

Alaska’s Department of Revenue Commissioner Adam Crum described the move as a “terrifying prospect.”

“We look at this as a way for the federal government to lock up land in the state of Alaska against development and block future resource prospects,” he noted. “This is a massive decision that’s going to affect the public trust and public lands forever, and we’re not getting proper time of response.”

Bottom line? “It reeks of nefarious means.”

Stocklin joins us now to discuss the piece further.


  1. What is a Natural Asset Company and why does the NY Stock Exchange want to create them?

  2. How would NACs make a profit?

  3. How would NACs acquire land rights and what would they do with them?

  4. Could foreigners also buy rights to America’s resources through NACs?

  5. How does this fit with the idea that Americans own our natural resources and the government just manages them for our benefit?

  6. How could this affect farmers, ranchers, hunters, etc., who use public land?

  7. Once NACs acquire rights to land, what can they do with it?

  8. You recently produced a new documentary called The Shadow State, which discusses the impact of the ESG market. Tell us more about it and what it’s done for business over the past few years.

  9. Where can people view The Shadow State? We understand there’s also a DVD available?

a. The Shadow State is available right now on Epoch TV. Those interested in purchasing the DVD can do so here.

  1. Where can we find your recent article about this subject on The Epoch Times, as well as other works you’ve written?

a. You can find my profile page here, with all my recently written articles, including a piece on the insurers’ ESG agenda.