Warning: Warped Minds of Democrats


Warning: Warped Minds of Democrats

For years, I have tried to fathom how otherwise intelligent human beings can literally in full light contort, deny and or ignore Facts & Reality.

On the one hand, being very knowledgeable about the Islamic belief system, I fully comprehend how and why Muslims conduct their invariably hate mongering, warmongering and aggressive behaviour vis-a-vis non Muslims/ Kuffar/ Infidels.

After all, they are only following their scripture that mandates them to follow Muhammad’s and Allah’s Depraved Sharia.

On the other hand, Democrat politicians (and their so-called ‘liberal’ supporters) are Americans who should know, abide by and follow the Constitution; which they have been proving repeatedly, not to be the case.

Unfortunately, I have come to the conclusion that these creatures will never think rationally; not because they are stupid, not at all; but because their view of the world is entirely subjective base on their belief that they – from their ivory towers – are the most knowledgeable people while all other Americans are ignorant peasants.

Because they are powerful in the Media and Academia, they unfortunately use their intelligence and positions to obfuscate, contort and twist Facts and Reality to fit their bubble view of national and international events by literally confusing ‘We the ‘deplorable’ People” with new tongue twisting and asinine words. They use words to change perception and they are, unfortunately, succeeding.

Democrats never miss a chance to miss a chance to exploit any tragic event to advance their agenda. They do so by manipulating, attacking and with malice aforethought, blatantly and shamelessly deceiving Americans, in plain sight.

No matter how many times they are proven wrong, they are relentless with their mendacities and deceptions. They inflict enormous and very long lasting psychological, financial and sometimes physical damage upon their otherwise innocent American victims, without showing an iota of remorse and coming clean with sincere apologies.

They failed miserably for almost five years of immense, costly  and relentless attacks to impeach President Trump to prove any collusion with Putin.

They once more failed to impeach Trump over Ukraine.

They use their criminally negligent fake media stooges to publicly lynch without due process of law of “Innocent before Proven Guilty”, those whom they label White Racists, Trump supporters and Patriotic Americans.

Although their mantra is always about their support of all minorities and the underdog, their actions betray their total Racism, Intolerance, blatant Deception and Hate for everything American.

These demonic Democrat cretins – even before there was any police investigation – attempted to publicly lynch Kyle Rittenhouse as a White Racist (he legally killed two white felons in self-defense) and continued to defame him even after Jurors found him Not Guilty on all five counts.

I sincerely hope that Kyle will take each and every single one of them, individually and collectively to the cleaners in courts of law, to teach them NOT to convict before due process as per Constitution.

They have tragically succeeded in indoctrinating several generations of American youth into becoming Undisciplined, Under Educated, Unthinking and Unpatriotic robots, easily manipulated by the Democrat controlled Media and Academia.

They succeeded because for the last 60 years, most American parents were totally ignorant of what their children were being taught. They unfortunately truly believed that the teachers had as good intentions for their children as they had.

What opened the eyes of the parents to the true calamity were the months spent at home on video education because of the Pandemic. They found out, very belatedly, how truly depraved  thousands of teachers and educators actually are.

These ‘liberal’ Democrat voting educators were and still are brain washing children from age three about sex, homosexuality, transgenderism and gender elimination.

There are no more Male and Female restrooms. No more Racial Integration. No more appropriating each other’s culture, race or history even in theaters or movies.

It is now immoral to have children who are more achievers than others. All humans must be equal in everything. Merit and success must not be rewarded lest low achievers feel discriminated against.

They have divided Americans by Race, Colour, Ethnicity, Social and Economic standing.

When a society is made up of only ‘chiefs’ it must only collapse into oblivion since there are no ‘braves’ to defend it.

It is amazing to watch and read how everything Democrats/Liberals propose, reject, support, or oppose, are the exact opposite of what ordinary Americans want or aspire for.

Assuming it was true that Biden was elected fairly by an unbelievable majority (surpassing even that of the Black Messiah, Obama); they are now harvesting what they sawed: divided Americans; collapsing infrastructure; more deaths from Covid under Biden than under Trump; a huge jump in prices of everyday necessities and energy than ever before; enormous increases in the value of houses and rentals.

Each of the above increases will cause a lot of financial, psychological and social pain invariably upon the middle class and lower incomes, irrespective of their race or ethnicity; the very people that Democrats promised to defend.

Biden’s popularity is flushing down the sewer where they belong but not in enough low figures. Still he has – even under the current abysmal circumstances – a very high and abnormal figure of 38%.

Democrat politicians and their supporters are running scared and will attempt to do their utmost –illegally or legally – to make sure that the 2022 elections will keep them in power to continue Communising the USA.

Whether or not enough Americans will be rational in 2022 to vote these Democrat criminal politicians out, is the $64,000,000 question.