What is cancer?


WHAT IS CANCER? Virus, Bacteria, Parasite, or Fungus?

TOPIC-What is cancer? A common definition for cancer is, “A malignant growth or uncontrolled cell division, growth or tumor. But is cancer a virus, bacteria, parasite or fungus?

Health researcher Jay Gutierrez who is available to be your Talk Show guest answers that question, saying, “Putting aside all that THEY say, we go by what WE SEE. Everybody has yeast in the body. A fungus, or normally known as Candida. It is there to decay your organs when you pass. Your immune system is supposed to keep this in check. When people have cancer, they WILL have an overgrowth of Candida that is just doing its job.”

So, that’s nice to know, that cancer a job to do: to help us turn into food for worms fast. But what if we are still alive and we don’t want cancer getting a head start, doing its job?

Gutierrez says you’ve got to get to the root of what cause of the cancer. He says most natural healers are always trying to get the Candida under control. He adds that even traditional medical doctors are inadvertently going after the same thing by removing body parts that have started this decay process and the use of chemo that is actually an anti-fungal.

Stated Gutierrez, “Cancer IS out of control Candida! It is actually doing its job, it is eating dead tissue and dropping mycotoxins. Decay. As I tell healers all across the country, you WILL NOT get the Candida, i.e. yeast, or cancer under control unless you STOP WHAT IS DAMAGING THE TISSUE! You didn’t just get cancer, something caused it. Well over 90% of the time we have found out that it is PARASITES that are the culprit.”

And what about the other 10% causes of cancer? Jay says they are generally heavy metals (rare), molds, and harsh chemicals. Guitierrez says once you have taken away the cause of the cancer and have stopped the damage to the tissue, you can start to suppress the Candida and build the immune system to take over.

Jay Gutierrez suggests going to YouTube to watch a video about parasites called, “Monsters Inside Me”. It shows that the damage caused by parasites is horrific! He also says that the work of natural health pioneer Hulda Clark is just about spot on.

“When we put someone on protocol, one of the first thing we do is arrange a parasite test with our own doctor,” said Jay, adding, “In the past we have seen people that supposedly had been parasite tested and been through many parasite cleanses lose their battle. This is your life involved! If you want us to help you, we want our MD looking at your stool sample under his dark field microscope and telling me exactly what eggs he is seeing. Then we want a natural remedy targeted to that specific parasite or parasites. My Medical Director has accomplished this and has more than exceeded our expectations! He told me that when he was in mainstream medical practice, they would send out about a hundred parasite tests and maybe receive back 5 that were testing positive for parasitic activity. He then said that out of the last 150 people we sent, he only found about 5 clients that were without parasitic activity! Even though there are many good modalities out there for testing for parasites such as kinesiology and use of things like bio-feedback machines, as I said before, I want my doctor looking at your samples. He will then prescribe a natural and logical remedy.”

Jay’s conclusion on this matter: “You will never get the cancer or Candida under control unless you STOP WHAT IS DAMAGING THE TISSUE!”


Jay Gutierrez spent 20 years in the Air Force and Army as an F-16 jet engine mechanic and a helicopter engine and airframe mechanic. He was received many awards and has plenty of stories.

One day while flying on a mission he discovered some turquoise and made some jewelry out of it and gave it to some friends. Later he found out those stones were mildly radioactive. He attempted to buy the jewelry back, thinking he may have injured those people he cared about. Remarkably, instead of their being sick, they remained unusually healthy and attributed that health in large part to wearing those stones. Ever since, Jay made it his main mission in life now to help others be aware of the positive energies that were disclosed to us.

Jay Gutierrez is considered an expert in the field of “Natural Radiation Hormesis”. Jay and his wife Faye have a facility in a ghost town in southeast Colorado. After traveling several times around the country and working with clients, doctors, healers, and scientists, they have been led down a path of successfully fighting serious degenerative diseases such as cancer. Night Hawk Minerals, their company, is the only U.S. company they are aware of that actively promotes the use of natural radiation hormesis.

As a by-product of helping health challenged individuals, Jay has discovered many ways to use these energies in other areas of importance that affect all mankind. He is currently working very close with many professionals in order to promote a modality that was overlooked decades ago. Jay works with his colleague Dr. d’Angelo, who is his Medical Director and Parasitologist for their clients. Jay and Dr. d’Angelo have spoken nationwide and coauthored the book “Because People are Dying.”

Date Recorded: 823/2012

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