When does your tire lose it warranty?


It’s important to know your tires’ warranty. Is there a mileage rating? How can you void this warranty?

People don’t realize that every vehicle make and model requires a specific tire size, tire pressure, and speed rating. And, it is really easy to void a tire warranty by not keeping the proper tire pressure and causing premature wear. Remember: vehicles don’t lie. The evidence of low tire pressure can be seen within the tire tread, itself. So, keep air in your tires. Having your tire pressure 3 to 4 psi lower that what the door sticker says can cost you around one to two miles per gallon (mpg), as well.


Another tidbit: make sure your tires are in proper alignment. Having your vehicle’s steering gear and suspension out of specs causes more drag on the pavement. More drag, more gas used…more money out of your pocket.  You’re buying tires sooner that necessary, too.

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