White Collar Poverty” examined by Robert Bakke Ministries


(Amazon #1 Author says Government Focusing on Wrong Poverty Class.)

(Golden Valley, MN) Robert Bakke of Robert Bakke Ministries (RBM), is taking a hard look at “White Collar Poverty” and challenges why there are so few programs available to assist families at risk of losing so much. “For America to return to her days of prosperity you must first understand the engine that drove us there the first time,” says Bakke, “That engine is the Bible’s teachings on wealth and prosperity, which includes helping ambitious people get back on their feet.”

According to Bakke, the Bible draws a hard line between poor and lazy, and instructs us to take from the lazy and give to the productive, which Bakke defines as “reverse socialism.”

“I work in multiple food shelves each month, and can tell you from personal experience that we have American citizens who are damaged, crippled and struggling, and we must absolutely help them at every turn,” says Bakke, “But we also have perfectly healthy people who are intentionally living off taxpayer funded entitlements. Those resources need to be redirected to families who, in short order, won’t need them anymore.”

Bakke wants to position his ministry to provide financial assistance to educated, hardworking families…even white collar families…who are in financial crisis due to job loss or a health crisis. He believes that providing even a few mortgage payments to these families will propel them to rise “up and out” of lack because they have a track record of ambition and typically have too much to lose.( Home equity, savings accounts, 401k’s etc.) “Furthermore,” says Bakke, “They have too much pride to