White House Press Secretary Responds To Possible Biden-Swift Team Up



 SPECIAL GUEST: Sam Ronan, is a U.S. Air Force Veteran, political analyst, and foreign policy specialist.

President Joe Biden’s 2024 campaign feverishly hopes to secure the support of popstar Taylor Swift, who the New York Timesdescribes as the campaign’s top “target,” in regards to an endorsement, but a recent poll shows her potential political influence could be a wash.

In their report published on Monday, the Times’ Reid J. Epstein, Lisa Lerer, Katie Gleuck, and Katie Rodgers reported that the Biden campaign is seeking to enlist celebrities, social media stars, and former Democrat presidents to support Biden. The report comes as he trails former President Donald Trump by 4.3 percent nationally in the RealClearPolling average and as Biden’s approval rating has reached historic lows.

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The 2013 Government Shutdown led him to leave active duty, recognizing a lack of prioritization for citizens. After an honorable discharge, Sam founded the “Average Joe’s Initiative” and entered politics as the Democratic nominee for the 62nd State Representative in 2016. As a millennial, veteran, and immigrant, Sam empathizes with struggles, advocating for fairness and equal opportunities. Sam’s call for unity and support aims to make a difference for immigrants, veterans, youth, and the disenfranchised, emphasizing “People First” over politics.