Willie Southall


Willie Southall

Hyssop Herb

Dr. Willie Southall-El has done a vast amount of research on the wounders of Hyssop. The research is the result of thousands and thousands of testimonials from individuals improving their health in just 12 days. We have been on television, radio and lectures over the years. Sharing the wonders of hyssop is been astonishing because we have seen the wonders of the abilities that this herb has. The testimonials that people have shared with us are from HIV to Terminal cancer and they were pleased to finally found this wonderful Hyssop Extract that fully works. Dr. Willie Southall-El research and teachings have been able to help people who suffer. People are able to enjoy their lives again. We help people become self empowered and take control of their lives. We change lives every single day by taking advantage of a magnificent powerful herb Hyssop.
Date Recorded: 9/3/2013

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