Wither Interview


Wither is an American hard-rock band from Tulsa, OK; founded by brothers Jeremy Parrish (guitar/lead vocals) and Chuck Parrish (drums) in the early 90’s under the name Ground Zero, the band later changed their name to Wither in the early 2000’s in respect to the victims of 9/11 and with the addition of Jeremy “Gonzo” Harrington (bass/backup vocals). The band took a hiatus from 2008-2014.

Two years after their reunion the band met with producer Martin Lerch (DVNT Records) to discuss a new album. After a few meetings, Martin would come on board as the new bass player and Gonzo would move over to lead guitar. Wither returned to the stage with Smile Empty Soul and was received successfully with the new line up. This led to Wither being added to the line up for Rocklahoma and would take them on to shows in other states. Wither continues to write and record new music taking inspiration from modern bands to create a new sound.

After releasing their well-received EP in 2005 featuring local-hit single “Lights Out”, Wither gained and continued to build a loyal fan base while touring extensively and sharing the stage with such artists as Breaking Benjamin, Crossfade, Seether, Smile Empty Soul, Saliva, Three Days Grace, Cold, and many more. With relatable lyrics and energetic songwriting paired with raw vocals, heavy guitars, gripping screams, and an animalistic drumming style, Wither is just as enticing to watch as they are to listen to.