“2018 Forecast for the Gig Economy: Trends and Changes to Expect in New Year”


2018 is bringing on sweeping changes in the world of work. As the Gig Economy continues to grow, incredible developments are emerging on a regular basis that revolutionize the way we work. Now, Gig Economy expert Marion McGovern is revealing five ways the independent marketplace will change in 2018.

“Key factors in the coming year are going to reshape the modern workforce,” says McGovern, author of Thriving in the Gig Economy. “These changes are already in the works—including policy revisions, legal developments, and forward-thinking entrepreneurs who are leading the way to further support this growing cohort.”

In an engaging and thought-provoking interview, McGovern can discuss:

Five ways the Gig Economy will change in 2018
How issues such as employee benefits and workers’ compensation will be modernized in the coming year
Policy changes that could increase the number of freelancers and contractors in 2018
How the Gig Economy will be changing under the Trump administration
Updates to the education system that will prepare students for the Gig Economy
The hottest gig companies of 2018