Featured Sponsor Interview


1) Give us a brief history of the website?

I represent Acodaweb, and Thank you for given me the chance to speak to the audiences the brief history of ACODAWEB Marketplace and more. By the end of this program, all the listeners will be very excited about Acodaweb.

– The website is called Acodaweb, and the company was born in USA. The 2 gents who collectively put their resources together to assist sellers to understand that traditional style of business is dead and have shifted completely to an online marketplace. Acodaweb is fairley new and open to everyone out there looking to improve their quality of life. The marketplace is uniquely designed to bring sellers and buyers together; as well as business to business together.

2) what makes your website better than others in the marketplace?

What makes Acodaweb martketplace stand out over other websites is because, Acodaweb website is very appealing and friendly to use. This result came from a careful survey from some sellers; 9 out of 10 says, to be come a seller is very quick as in just 3 simple steps(5 minutes) you’re all done and let Acodaweb start the magic. Meanwhile on the other hand, Buyers said, site is best as its easy you find a product and complete checkout, and actually receiving your goods. There are so many cool stuff about Acodaweb, that sets us best/apart from our competitors. You should go on acodaweb.com now, you will thank yourself for actually doing it. If not, you will have yourself not to.

3) what sort of products are available on your website?

On Acodaweb marketplace website, you will find a variety of tremendous products listed by genuine sellers under a broader range of categories. Whether you’re a seller or buyer, Acodaweb accept selling or buying of physical and digital products, and of course, There are free digital and physical products also. What you are waiting for? Go on Acodaweb now and see for yourself and you will be amaze.

4) Talk to us about any offers or specials you have on the website?

Whether you are a buyer or seller or just looking for free items; is very joyful to the heart when you use Acodaweb. On Acodaweb, seller can list items with discounted prices, provide coupon codes, give free goods, enjoy great bonuses including being a top seller bonuses on your birthday. Cool dashboard to monitor where and who actually visited their product store, and many more. As a buyer, enjoy shopping with coupons, discounted product, send a message to the buyer and even ask for a better price, be amaze with visible product prices and beautiful product layout. And of course, be excited with free shipping option, and rate/review the vendor and much more. Join others already using Acodaweb and making their dreams come true.

5) How much is the cost for products on your website ?

Because Acodaweb is an open marketplace to we all, prices are clearly visible per product; buyers can shop products using our filter tool that will give buyers the best and affordable prices for what they want. Product prices range from free to $10 thousand plus per item. No matter how much is in your credit/debit card, you will find an item ranging from free to $10 thousand $$$ per item. Remember to click the (Get coupon) title and shop reduced prices on items you want, and save some money to shop other items.

(6) What message do you have for someone one who want or is already a Vendor?

Very interesting point; I like to tell the anyone whether a vendor or still looking to be one that, Acodaweb is open specifically for you. No matter your location, or what you want to sell, Acodaweb is here to assist you increase your sells and achieve your business objectives. The traditional style of selling on the ground have long moved online and on a marketplace for that matter, because we are sophisticated with our marketing strategies. We have human marketing specialist and robots specialist purposely here to double your sells. As a vendor, in just 3 steps, you’re done, and start enjoying Acodaweb marketplace benefits. Start selling on Acodaweb marketplace Now.

(7) What message do you have for Awesome Buyers?

For buyers, my advice is for you to shop where there’s variety of prices and free items. In just step 3 steps, on Acodaweb, you complete shopping. Step 1; Find products, Step 2; add the goods to shopping cart, Step 3; Proceed to Check out, and boom, you’re done. All these including lots of cool stuffs like those mentioned above, have made Acodaweb reliable, trustful, to both Buyers and Vendors. What you are you waiting for? Go on Acodaweb.com now to start maximizing the Marketplace.

We now come to the end of this show,

It’s my pleasure, Thank you sir!