5 Ways to Speed-up Your Slow-poke Metabolism


An interview with Dr. David Magnano of Nature’s Sources

Have you been living on celery sticks and rice crackers but haven’t been able to lose more than a pound or two?

Dr. David Magnano is here to help you get the scale moving in the right direction with 5 tips to boost your slow metabolism – and bust that belly fat that just never seems to go away!

Don’t skip breakfast – eat some protein:
“Although you might not feel like eating, morning is the right time to have a big helping of protein,” says Dr. Magnano. Bacon, eggs, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, and even steak are protein-rich possibilities. As you digest this high protein meal, your metabolism will rise and your blood sugar will stabilize. Other meals throughout the day should also include protein and no refined carbs.

Move your body – challenge your muscles
We have become used to sitting at our desks, sitting in the car, sitting when we eat, sitting at night while we watch TV. To elevate metabolism, we’ve got to move. To elevate metabolism and speed weight loss you need regular short, high intensity workouts, and weight resistance training to increase your muscle mass.

Digestive enzymes – a secret weapon:
As we age, our production of digestive enzymes slows and our digestion becomes inefficient, requiring us to consume bigger food portions in order to extract enough nutrients to feel satiated,” says Dr. Magnano. “Digestive enzyme supplements can support metabolism and our wellness level by helping to make available critical nutrients, amino acids and essential fatty acids that we don’t always absorb from our food. AbsorbAid Plus plant-derived digestive enzymes have been proven to increase vital nutrient absorption by up to 71%.”

Get a good night’s sleep
Lack of sleep is linked to a major increase in the risk of obesity. This may partly be caused by the negative effects of sleep deprivation on metabolism. Lack of sleep has also been linked with increased blood sugar levels and insulin resistance. It’s also been shown to boost the hunger hormone ghrelin, and decrease the fullness hormone leptin.

Drink green tea or Oolong tea
Green tea and oolong tea have been shown to increase metabolism by 4–5%. These teas help convert some of the fat stored in your body into free fatty acids, which may increase fat burning by 10–17%.


Why do some people burn their calories very easily, while others burn theirs very slowly?

Why is protein consumption so important for proper metabolism?

What kind of exercise program do you recommend for elevating metabolism?

Can you give us an example of a good fat-burning diet plan?

You say digestive enzymes are a secret weapon for boosting metabolism. Tell us how that works and what type of enzyme supplement is effective for this.

How can listeners get more information about what we’ve been discussing, and request a free sample of AbsorbAid Plus digestive enzyme supplements?

ABOUT DR DAVID MAGNANO, DC (www.naturessources.com)

Health educator Dr. David Magnano is one of the nation’s top chiropractic physicians with more than 30 years of clinical practice. A highly popular speaker, he has designed and presented hundreds of wellness workshops for both patients and practitioners where he’s addressed a wide range of health issues with a focus on the role that digestion plays in maintaining a healthy immune system. He can currently be heard on radio programs around country in his capacity as National Spokesperson for Nature’s Sources, LLC, manufacturers of plant-based AbsorbAid digestive enzymes and distributors of Kolorex candida care herbal supplements.