America Losing it’s Edge


As Seen on MSNBC, Fox News and in the WSJ

Donald Mazzella

Do we still having the strongest military in the world? Have our allies caught up to our force?

The U.S. military’s competitive edge seems to be “eroding” thanks to nearly 16 years of war and uncertain defense spending, according to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Why is the military declining in its structure? Is most of the military’s loss due to the “extraordinarily high level of operational tempo,” which has put a significant burden on U.S. forces? What is the overall state of our military and their capabilities?

Donald Mazzella is a Veteran Newsman and Commentator, COO of Small Business Digest publications and Author of many books including “An American Family Sampler.” His experience allows him to elaborate on this trending story and open us up to what it all means.

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