Anthony "The Big Cheese" Mongiello


Anthony “The Big Cheese” Mongiello

TOPIC-Athony Mongiello’s Tips

1. Flavor Rack (flavor profile enhancers on hand)
Goya Adobo – should be a staple in every household. It’s like a best-kept secret by the Hispanic community. You’ll be shocked at how many 5-star restaurants use this. Great to cook with all year round.
McCormick’s Montreal Steak Seasoning – an incredible seasoning for meats but also as a flavor enhancer for vegetables, produce and try it on your next salad.
Old Bay – it will enhance the flavor of any fish dish
2. The Right Tools – Set up the right tools before you begin – this will make the job easier – and keep your spouse happy because you’re not running around opening cabinets and slamming drawers.
Wooden spoons
Scissors – kitchen shears
Sharp knife
Cutting board
3. Pre-minced garlic – Real men never mince garlic! Why? Because we’re smart enough to buy it already done! And who wants to smell like garlic? Spice World® squeezable is best

4. Fear Factor – Do not be afraid or intimidated by anyone or anything when shopping. They actually have signs over the aisles to show you where to go. Stay focused and purchase only what you’re looking for.

5. Use pre-seasoned line extensions like diced or chopped tomatoes when the recipes call for it. Ex: Fire-Roasted Tomatoes, maybe seasoned with Jalapenos, or seasoned with Basil & Garlic, the choices are endless.

New York Based – Anthony “The Big Cheese” Mongiello, President & CEO of Formaggio Cheese ( ) and a Food Expert. He’s available to present these tips live on your show and can cook your hardworking staff a meal to die for.

Date Recorded: 7/24/2012

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