Sandy Shaw Homer, author of Evelio’s Garden


Sandra Shaw Homer is an environmental activist, author, adventurer, and survivor.
Homer, a victim of incest, has suffered from depression and currently has COPD. She tells her
inspiring life story in an engaging memoir, Evelio’s Garden, that is partly a defense of nature
and partly a powerful human interest story.
The international traveler who once saw the world for 49 days from the vantage point of a cargo
freighter, was born and raised in Philadelphia. She relocated to Costa Rica 30 years ago.
A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Cornell, Homer has published her poetry and
been interviewed on several podcasts, including that of Lisa Davis’s regional NPR program, Talk
Healthy Today.
She has lived in Costa Rica for the past three decades, where she has taught languages and
worked as a translator. For several years she penned a regularly published column, Local Color,
for the English-language weekly, The Tico Times.
Homer is the author of three other books: Letters From The Pacific: 49 Days on a Cargo Ship,
Journey to the Joie de Vivre, and The Magnificent Dr. Wao.
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