Author Available: Rules for Radical Christians: 10 Biblical Disciplines For Influential Believers


Rules for Radical Christians: 10 Biblical Disciplines for Influential Believers

by Doug Giles

GUEST AUTHOR/ANALYST​: Doug Giles, is author of the new book, Rules for Radical Christians: 10 Biblical Disciplines for Influential Believers. Giles is the Founder and Editor of which now has had over 230 million page-views, and is host of the podcast ‘Warriors & Wildmen’ which just hit 500 thousand downloads.

Dear Young Christian: The “tolerant” society in which you live is intolerant of your Biblical Worldview. So what’s the young Christian to do? Well, You could huddle together in a Christian subculture and pray that Christ would come quickly and rapture you out of this mess. Or, you could compromise your godly principles, become spiritual chameleons and allow your relationship with God to be governed by CNN. Or, you can become strategically equipped to move into an anti-theistic environment and effectively influence it for the glory of God.

Rules For Radical Christians, argues for the last option.

Rules For Radical Christians is not a survival devotional designed to help the young Christian adult limp through life. Rather, it is a road-tested, dominion blueprint that will equip the young adult with leadership skills and sufficient motivation to rise to a place of influence in an overtly non-Christian culture.

WARNING: This book will not be liked by CNN, Hillary Clinton, Satan, Kathy Griffin, Michelle Wolf, or whiny anti-theistic profs. So don’t buy it for them for light summer beach reading. They’ll just throw it away.

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