Best Selling Author – Victoria Rei


Best Selling Author – Victoria Rei

BK:CHOOSE to be Incredible

Successful mother, wife, graduate student (twice), Business woman, and Champion of wellness in relationships, and self. Best Selling Author after acquiring 2 Masters degrees- a MAEd and MBA (28 years a part) in the industries of Disability Case Management and Domestic/ International Business Development. Successes have included negotiating contracts never before done, expanding areas for trade, stellar business development in company growth, and successful mediation in difficult circumstances. Being a successful Agent for Healthy Change in family, among friends, and in business leads to these successes and “making a difference” whether “leading or following”. My treasures are my husband, dauthers, and Molly- our wonder dog. My passion is to grow confidence of others to choose a life of wellbeing, in spite of intense hardships, with reminders of the successes for themselves, when they do. My new book is “ CHOOSE To Be Incredible , Get More from Life and Make Shift Happen” – “Be Your Own Hero”™ Epidemic increases in addiction/ mental illness, challenge finding healthy models for emotional/ social wellbeing, and solving conflicts, peaceably. Our consumerism focuses on physical wellness, but what about our emotional needs of recovery to health and well being? Dysfunctional modeling in families has increased, dramatically, effecting 75% Americans. Look at the dramatic increases of bullying, ie. emotional violence- in schools, homes, and workplaces. How can we -Be Our Own Hero ™, ie. taking on the qualities we admire in others? How can we- Be Better than Before™.? We can Choose to “Find and Follow the Good”™ to Do, Be and Have what we want in our lives. Although, long ago, I left behind my childhood of abuse from a mentally ill mother, I am led to share my story to encourage others to choose and find a path to wellbeing – with inspiration, and resources- No Matter What! Best Selling Author – Victoria Rei 702-483-6487
Date Recorded: 10/4/2013

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