Biden “The Destroyer”


Biden “The Destroyer”

Every passing day since Putin started amassing troops on Ukraine’s borders in November 2021, Biden and his clueless administration only watched transfixed but comatose to what these movements meant.

Moreover, Biden and his imbeciles in State and Defence, totally ignored Putin’s repeated assertions, both in articles and on TV, that as far as Russia is concerned, Ukraine is part of Russia.

Although the above crystal clear realities should have alerted Biden and his ‘advisers’ that Putin is most likely intending to conduct a military operation, they and the European Union did absolutely nothing militarily, politically or economically to check him.

All of them had thousands of articles and TV talk shows threatening Putin, without a single item worthy of concern to him.

Once more I must point out to our readers what should have been obvious to any fair minded and knowledgeable person:

1. NATO was a military alliance against the Communist Soviet Union but was continued against the Russian Federation.

2. In a meeting between Bill Clinton and Putin in Europe in 2000, Putin suggested that Russia should be included in NATO. This was the most remarkable offer of peace ever made, that would have kept the peace in Europe for centuries not decades. After all, Putin was indicating that Russians belong more to Europe than to Asia.

3. Tragically, instead of embracing Russia’s incredible offer of peace, Bill Clinton started bringing former Soviet countries into NATO, thus actually threatening Russia’s security. Obama continued the process, thus increasing Russia’s paranoia and concerns.

4. For whatever reasons, the political and military establishments in both the USA and Europe totally ignored the implications of their deeds; unfortunately, from the point of view of Putin and Russia, these were acts of aggression that had to be stopped.

5. Putin has repeatedly made Russia’s concerns, regarding the encroachment of NATO to the borders of Russia, very clear especially regarding Belarus and Ukraine, as Red Lines not to be crossed. That is, they must not be part of NATO. These concerns were not addressed at all by the West.

6. All that the US and EU had to do is to declare publicly that NATO has no intention of absorbing Ukraine and Belarus into the alliance but would continue to fully support their independence and integrity

7. Even as you are reading this article, if Ukraine’s president Zelensky declares publicly that Ukraine will not be part of NATO, this war would be terminated.

8. Such wisdom and lack of vision have been lmissing for the last 22 years, leading to the unfortunate and totally avoidable war situation we are in today.

9. We keep hearing from Biden and his Democrats for the need to protect the integrity of Ukraine’s borders and its democracy, while they totally ignore America’s borders being violated by millions of illegals.

10. Biden lifted the terrorist designation against the proxy Houthis of Iran in Yemen who are against every democracy and regime in the Middle East

11. Not a single Main Line Media has pointed out to Americans that, while Biden has been accusing Putin of aggression and thuggery, he was soliciting the help of Russia, to bring the terrorist supporting Ayatollahs to discuss the failed Nuclear Deal against the concerns of the Gulf Arabs and Israel.

12. At the same time, Biden was informing Xi of China about America’s latest intelligence updates regarding Russia’s troop movements, hoping China would tell Putin to cool down.

13. Hence Biden and his imbeciles in State and Defence were revealing to America’s enemies not only intelligence reports but also political positions, and they expect to win?

14. Biden has made it clear to Americans that Freedom is NOT Free; that they are going to have to pay for Ukraine’s freedom through much higher inflation while totally ignoring the fact that, America’s rising inflation has absolutely nothing to do with the Ukraine crisis, but fully the responsibility of Biden and Democrats’ fiscal policies and the termination of America’s total energy independence that Donald J Trump achieved and Biden destroyed.

15. Biden and his Democrats – who are now more of a Fascist than a Democratic Party – are trying, and will continue to deceive and lie to Americans, that inflation is not their fault but due to circumstances beyond their control or because of DJ Trump.

16. Every day Americans will be suffering great economic hardships because of this Administration’s total lack of competence, foresight and wisdom. Hopefully, enough of them will pay the Democrats back by giving the Republicans a stupendous win in 2022.

Not a single leader outside the USA has any respect for, or faith in this administration. Every nation that used to look up to the USA for friendship and protection, has to recalculate and re-adjust both, militarily and politically.

It is both disheartening, shameful and a world tragedy, to watch the collapse of the USA economically, militarily and politically, in a single year because of Biden’s utter ineptitude.

Tragically, there will be more bad news in the next few weeks and months, because all of America’s enemies are watching how utterly useless her military power is against determined aggressors.

China will most probably try to bring Taiwan under her regime and Iran will continue to get a Nuclear Weapon and the ballistic missiles to deliver them, not only to Israel, but to Europe and the USA also.

America used to be the stabilizing power, the world over. Without her, there will be more chaos, aggression and instability in many areas of the planet without anyone to stop them.